Himalayan Dreams Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy outlines Himalayan Dreams (hereafter referred to as “The Company”) and its information handling practices and principles. The privacy policy provides information concerning The Company's collection, disclosure, use, access, correction, data storage and security of personal information as well as its complaints procedure.


Personal Details

The only personal information that is collected by The Company from a member of the public is that person's name, phone number, postal address, email address and in certain circumstances credit card details. Personal information is always collected by The Company with an individual's express consent. Personal information collected from a member of the public is not disclosed to anyone outside of The Company except in the case of a third party who is on occasions responsible for the debiting of a credit card. Personal information collected by The Company is used only for the purpose it is provided, namely for mailing out (to those who have provided their personal information) details of the various travel and holiday offers.


Collection of Information

The Company provides access during office hours to the personal information it collects. An individual can access information about themselves (and no one else) by telephoning The Company and speaking to their privacy officer who will arrange an appointment for the information to be accessed. Proof of identification (current passport) must be supplied when accessing the information.


Storage & Security

The personal information collected by The Company is stored electronically on The Company's own software systems and files. This electronic information or data on files are kept secure at all times. Access to The Company's electronic information is only available to specific Company staff members and The Company's external postal data contractor (pursuant to a confidentiality agreement). All personal information is kept up to date where reasonably possible.



The Company will maintain privacy procedures to the highest of standards. Any complaints relating to The Company's personal information handling practices are dealt with by its staff. Complaints may be dealt with by communicating directly with the privacy officer either by phone, letter or email. Every complaint will be dealt with expeditiously and where reasonably practicable to the satisfaction of the person making the complaint.

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