• 5 Activities that Make Nepal a Great Travel Destination

    Mystical, moving and marvelous, Nepal is where the overpowering of the senses becomes a natural occurrence. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stay amidst the high hills and forests, or want to explore exquisite temples and monasteries. Breathe the crisp mountain air while walking or witness the stunning scenery…
  • 12 Days of Vipassana - An Insight Into Silent Meditation

    Monastic life-style with total disconnection from the outside world in noble silence. Without speaking, writing, reading, eye contact or sign language, one has to follow a prescribed “code of conduct” & fixed timetable with 10 hrs. deep meditation per day from 4am to 9pm. The practice of vipassana meditation is…
  • The Bhutanese Phallus: The Divine Madman and his Legacy

    Bhutan is spiritual perfection. It’s a country which has amalgamated Buddhist teachings, nature, traditions and legend to create an identity unlike any other.
  • 5 monasteries in Bhutan that must be visited

    A dormant part of you awakens when you are in Bhutan. This is what travelers often claim to be an epiphany. A stream of consciousness that tells you that this is where you have always wanted to be. There is a need to explore more, sometimes it may be culture,…
  • 4 Best Treks in Tibet

    Trekking in Tibet is like getting into a land that is not familiar with any other place in the planet. In Tibet’s vast, undisturbed wilderness, as far as you can see, great mountain ranges loom in the distance, their image protruding across the cloudless sky.
  • Nepal Comes Alive in Spring

    Nothing is as beautiful as Spring, when the mountains have lost much their snow-white robes and are showing off their visual delights. The skies are blue, the valleys become a bouquet of smells where rhododendrons and wildflowers bloom. Singing birds are returning from the north and animals are leaving behind…
  • You will love the Himalayas, find out why.

    What’s your fantasy about the Himalayas? Is it to climb towering mountains? Is it to find and enjoy that inner hippy in Kathmandu? Perhaps it would be to hike on centuries old paths, embracing the glorious mountains, or lastly it is finding your inner spiritual self. Maybe, it’s discovering the…
  • Mani Rimdu Festival

    Sherpas belong to the Nying-Mapa sect of Tibetan Buddhist which is self an outgrowth of the Manayana tradition Guru Rimpoche (Padma-Sambhawa an Indian yogi) is regarded as the founder of this old sect and spirtual leader. 
  • Into Thin Air - Pathway To Heaven

    The Himalayas are regarded as sacred power places on earth. They are revered for their spiritual benefits and this translates, literally, into the “Abode of the gods!” There is a spirituality and wonderment in these peaks that haunts the insignificance of mankind. There is something magical and wonderful about the…
  • Ganden Monastery: Learning for Enlightenment

    “After I pass away, And my pure doctrine is absent, You will appear as an ordinary being, Performing the deeds of a Buddha And establishing the Joyful Land, the great Protector, In the Land of the Snows.”

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