As a man who defines himself in terms of trekking, Jaya Tamang thrives on discovering new and better routes for trekkers. Whether it is a hard or an easy route, makes no difference to him. It primarily has to be new and offer a better view or a different trail for any trekking afficionado.

Jaya claims he enjoys going to the mountains, and this is a way of life that appears to suit him well. It was this sense of a return to the mountains that lead him to a return, after seven years, to another trail he had taken years ago.  Much to his surprise, there were many changes and he finds that some of the mystique and solitude of previous treks are rapidly disappearing. The trek took him to Pokhara and then from there to the  Annapurna – Jomsom – Ghorepani  trail. His re-discovery created many surprises for him and here are some that have remained with him.

Mustang, Jomsom

There is much road construction in the area and this tends to minimize the pleasure of trekking into areas that are remote and quiet! New monasteries have been erected and a new Buddha statue has been completed in Muktinath.  This again creates new and different reactions by trekkers and residents alike.

Each year the number of tourists grows, and interestingly enough the internal tourists are doubling each year, which creates more and larger crowds. This can impede the evacuation of people who need aid in leaving the area. Because of the road construction, treks have been shortened and this affects the quality and the ambiance of each and every trek.

Residents of Poon Hill started to collect separate entrance fees to help with the upkeep of the Poon Hill tower.  This tower is used by tourists and residents alike to get fantastic views of the region.

Jaya and the guest in the Mustang Trek

While on this revisited trek, he has discovered a new and interesting route.  Lake Khopra did not have any sort of Tea House seven years ago.  Today, Jaya has found a new route that avoids the traffic delays and the road construction.  He is anxious to take a group for a Tea House trek and visit the tea house on the shores of the lake.

Another aspect of a seven year delay is the fact that much of the trekking routes are heavily trafficked in the “high season”. The spring months of March/April and the cooler months of October/November are the high seasons in Nepal. These also include two base camps: Annapurna Base Camp and Mount Everest Base Camp. Both have become heavily congested in the “high season”.

His love for the mountains and his passion to discover and create new trekking routes have lead Jaya to a new approach to the trekking seasons.  He is always ready to create and custom design tours and treks that meet the specific needs of his clients. So, whether you are an experienced trekker or a novice at this wonderful venture, be sure to contact Jaya for a customized tour designed specifically for you.

Mustang Trip

Mustang Trip




Jaya Tamang
Jaya Tamang is Himalayan Dreams' Operations Manager. An experienced trekker, he has trekked through all the altitude challenging nooks and corners of Nepal. He has also been a part of many mountaineering expeditions, thus acquiring an indepth knowledge of the mountainous terrains of the country. Also a fervent video gamer, when he is not at work you'll find him glued to his Xbox Gaming console.

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