Experience with Himalayan Dreams

Himalayan Dreams and its team of professional and dedicated staff are always attuned to our clients’ needs. We have a strong commitment to help our clients explore the Himalayas and let them select from a wide list of tours and treks from our extensively researched offerings. We take great pride in meeting the individual needs and desires of our clients and our tours are designed with each client specifically in mind.

For over a decade we have been in the forefront of travel to the Himalayan countries. We are cognizant of the environment and have been a leader in developing ecotourism in the region. In addition, Himalayan Dreams is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to make travel in this area a rewarding experience.

Himalyan Derams Journeys to Nepal

Our Pledge to Individual Tours

At Himalayan Dreams we are directly involved with our field personnel or office staff to create a tour specifically designed for the individual’s needs. Whether it be a spiritual tour, climbing Mount Everest, or a slow trek around Annapurna, the needs and desires of each of our clients are always foremost in our planning.

Himalayan Hospitality

As you are guided through the many levels and varied experiences of Himalayan life, you will create new, and for many, lasting friendships. Whether in a small village high up in the mountains or in the bustling cities of the region, Himalayan Dreams' friendly and professional guides will introduce you to the warmth and generosity of the peoples at “The Top of the World. Prepare to Relax in Comfort and Safety:

Whether on a cultural tour, trekking into the wilderness or scaling towering mountains we at Himalayan Dreams work hard to assure you of the finest accommodations, comfortable surroundings, excellent food , the latest in climbing gear, and of course your personal safety in any environment in the region. Whatever your choice of tours or treks your comfort and safety are our top priority.

Interact With Indigenous Peoples

We are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements for travel, we also wish to include on your visit a chance to see the varied ecological areas of this part of the world, and also meet and interact with the indigenous people of the region. It is in this way that the warmth, charm, and hospitality of the Himalayan peoples can be felt. Wherever your visit takes you Himalayan Dreams wishes you to meet and learn about the people and about this part of the world.

Uncommon Companions

Because of Himalayan Dreams’ individually created tours and treks, we are proud of the fact that we have many unique travelers who return to us because we do create a new and exciting tour or trek for each visit. As a member of past Himalayan Dreams’ tours we are most proud of our comments and letters from clients who have been most impressed with the service and the traveling companions they encounter with Himalayan Dreams.

Excursions of Awareness

Whether your Himalayan Dreams excursion is a physical tour, a journey of a spiritual nature, or a trip to enhance your knowledge of the world and different cultures, Himalayan Dreams will lead you on an excursion of awareness of the environment, the wildlife and the peoples of the Himalayas.

The Locals

Himalayan Dreams realizes that the people who know an area best are those who are local to the region. For this reason Himalayan Dreams has local guides and tour leaders, trained and licensed, who know the area and are instrumental in helping to formulate and create one-of-a-kind tours and treks. Their knowledge and their on the ground experience gives you a smooth running tour from the beginning to the end of your stay.

Reliability and Trust

Any company’s reputation is based on the reliability and trust of its clients’. At Himalayan Dreams our first commitment is to fulfill our promises to our clients and we gain trust through meeting our commitments as understood by those clients. Himalayan Dreams values its clients and our reliability creates the trust that makes us a company to work with for visits to the Himalayan region.

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