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Family tours in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet are all about creating unforgettable memories. This is a leisurely travel experience so that the tour can be relaxing and comfortable. Family tours are about having combined fun and it is a combination of a cultural tour and a leisurely holiday. You can visit beautiful artistic places like Kathmandu or intriguing places like Thimphu or the enigmatic Lhasa during such tours. Family holidays or family tours are an important part of our travel service. Family holidays could also include trekking or small hikes or mountain biking together. Family holidays could also be about camping and exotic holidays. Therefore there are a lot tour, travel, trek options.
You can carefully observe how beautifully the Hindu temples and shrines are sculptured and carved in the Kathmandu Valley, its colorful bazaars and the eclectic atmosphere that covers it. The exquisite calligraphy and carvings on amazing works of art, skill…

13 Days from US$ 1585

Trip Code: HDEN01

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Everest Experience Flight
Let us take you to a breathtaking mountain flight to view the highest mountains on earth, departing from Kathmandu. During the flight you will encounter the tallest mountains on earth. This flight takes you to the closest possible aerial views…

1 Day from US$ 280

Trip Code: HDMTNF

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Everest Helicopter Tour
You will fly from the Tirbhuvan international Airport to Lukla, the gateway to the world's highest peak. On the way you will be able to see the majestic views of Nagarkot, Dolalghat, Charikot, Jiri, Lamjura, and Junbesi before you arrive…

1 Day from US$ 1000

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Jolt along atop your own elephant to search for one horned-Rhino, Gharial crocodiles, four-horned antelopes, striped hyenas, and the Gangetic Dolphins, Swamp deer, Musk Deer, Black Buck, blue bull, the Royal Bengal tiger, and hundreds of different animals and birds.

03 Days from US$ 180

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Bardia Jungle Safari Nepal
Come and join in on an incredible visit to the Bardia National Park in Nepal, the largest national park in Nepal. Bardia National Park is home to several endangered species. White Water Rafting in the longest river of Nepal. The…

04 Days from US$ 980

Trip Code: HDS02

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Nepal has eleven national parks, two wildlife reserves and six conservation areas. Most of the national parks are open for jungle safari tours where you can ride an elephant or take a jeep safari and head deep into the jungle to see Nepal’s diverse wild life closely.

This can be a delightful family activity as you can stay at a luxurious forest resort where you can relax by the poolside and then take a morning trip into the jungle and the marshes to see Nepal’s animals.

The jungles of Nepal have a variety of species but the rare ones are its Alligators, Royal Bengal tigers and the elusive One-horned Rhinos. You can also see Golden jackals, Fishing cats, jungle cats, Leopards, Indian civets, Spotted linsangs and Honey badgers. There are also a variety of bird species like the White-eyed Buzzard, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Oriental Magpie, Jungle Myna, Bar-headed Goose, Asian-openbill Stork, Black-crested Bulbu, Lesser-adjutant Stork, Bengal Florican, Peafowl, Spotted Eagle, Swamp Fancolin, Egrets, Brahminy ducks, among hundreds of other rare and beautiful birds.

Jungle Safari in Nepal is not just about going deep into the Jungle but it’s about comprehending and observing the wild side of Nepal. Near the resort you can also see the crocodile breeding centre or the Elephant breeding centre. You can also join in the elephant bathing process as the elephants dip into the water and take a bath.

Jungle Safari will help develop a deep love and compassion for the animals in the forests. Nepal’s beautiful forests are well protected and are home to rare animals that have found refuge here. This is their natural habitat and you can see them wandering in the forests, an experience that cannot be replicated by visiting the zoo.


There cannot be another destination like Nepal, India or Bhutan which such variety of treks. While there are hundreds of moderate to strenuous treks that you can take, these destinations also offer you many soft treks and short hikes that even small children can undertake. These short treks therefore can be ideal for a family holiday.

These short hikes can be camping trips where you can camp at a beautiful meadow overlooking the mountains. Apart from the wonderful family vacation that you take together, the magnificent views of the majestic Himalayas is truly a rewarding experience. Hikes are all about coordination and togetherness, and therefore add flavour to a family holiday. While you are in Bhutan, you can take a short hike around the upper reaches of Thimphu or Paro. These are amazingly quiet hikes with astounding views of the valley below. Even though it’s near the city, you can find ample solitude during your hike. In Nepal, there are also a lot of short hikes that you can take around the Kathmandu valley. You can trek around Shivapuri, Chitlang or Chisapani. All of these treks will give you amazing views of the Himalayas.

There are also short treks around the Pokhara region. You can go up to Ghandruk or what is also known as the Poon Hill trek from where there are absolutely fantastic views of the Annapurna Range. At Himalayan Dreams, we believe in making use of Nepal and Bhutan’s amazing landscape to fill some fun into the family holidays that we offer. Trekking is not just about camping or looking at great vistas. It is about togetherness, family bonding and team work. It is in way like a family picnic with much more excitement and thrill.


Most people think that Rafting is a dangerous sport but for anyone above 12 years, it’s particularly safe. Each river is given a rating on the level of rapids it has. While Nepal has some of the wildest rivers in the world with extreme rapids, there are also quiet rivers with very small rapids where rafting can even be done by children. White water rafting is done wearing a life jacket so that the risk is significantly lowered.

You can enjoy a day of rafting with your family at a lower grade location of the river and after a thrilling adventure for a full hour; you can just relax at the beach and enjoy a great picnic with your family. While you are on a family vacation a simple tour may not be as exciting and thrilling so a low risk white water rafting is the perfect combination to spice up your trip.

You can do some white water rafting in Bhutan’s sombre rivers around Punakha too and in Nepal you can do it in Bhote Koshi and Trishuli. These are all famously exciting rivers and attract a large number of tourists each year. Himalayan rivers are intense but they are also calm at various points and therefore the thrill and excitement before facing a rapid becomes greater.


Other than tours, rafting, jungle safari, short hikes or soft treks and camping, there are still many more activities that you can do while you are on a family holiday. A perfect family activity in Nepal and Bhutan would be mountain biking. Nepal and Bhutan both offer exciting mountain biking trails that take you up the mountains along a rural empty back road that will eventually take you up to ridges which offer classic views of the mountain peaks of the Himalayas.

There are also other activities like paragliding which are considerably safer as you fly with an experienced pilot. For Paragliding, you will have to head to Pokhara in Nepal from where there are spectacular views of the Annapurna Mountains. India, as a destination also offers classic paragliding experiences in places like Mussorie, Darjeeling and Sikkim. Apart from Paragliding, you can also perform activities like rock climbing and canyoning and even bungee jumping is offered in Nepal. These are all safe activities with a lot of thrill and can easily become a part of a family holiday.

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