Himalayan Dreams

Himalayan Dreams

Beneath the Surface: 5 places to visit in Bumthang

Bumthang is a district in Central Bhutan. It is known for its four major valleys: Chokhor, Tang, Ura and Chhume. As a part of a conventional Bhutan tour, Bumthang is meant to be an enlightening short but insightful odyssey but not much focus is put upon exploring this magnificent place.

5 Trips To Add While You Are in Kathmandu, Nepal

There is much to see and do in the Kathmandu Valley! Explore the almost iconic Stupa, the Boudanath Stupa, with its wonderful eyes that seem to look out over the entire valley. Walk around the domed-shaped stupa and twirl the many bells encircling the walk. Marvel at the intricate designs and splendid artwork that enhances all of the valley’s temples. Move on to Bhaktapur where the magic of temples like the Changunarayan temple, will delight photographers and casual tourists alike. As pictures go there is nothing as delightful as the Monkey Temple. Sitting high on a hill top the temple seems to be guarded by a vast number of monkeys. Closer observation will delight young and old alike as the monkeys perch on walls and almost seem to pose for pictures.

Mount Kailash And Lake Manasarovar Tour For Non Residential Indian Travelers

Close your eyes and imagine the blue waters of Lake Manasarovar which will amaze and delight you as you traverse the 52 km of trekking that assures you of vistas and sights you will never forget. This is sacred summit to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bon pilgrims who internalize the sanctity of this mountain and lake. Lake Manasarovar, at a height of 4500 meters, this sacred, blue gem is an awesome sight for a fresh water lake at this altitude. Covering 412 km this sacred patch of water has seen many pilgrims over the years.

How To Get Into Tibet from United States

Tibet is a land of mystical monasteries, soaring mountains, incredible landscapes, high –altitude valleys, serene lakes, spiritually powerful land and its people welcome for all who come to marvel.

Altitude Sickness & Health Tips

As you travel to higher altitudes, the pressure of air that surrounds you is called barometric pressure which drops due to lack of oxygen. Changes are observed in the environment that can affect you. Travelling in Tibet is an adventure involving high altitude and could be very strenuous.

The Best Time to Visit Tibet

The best season for touring in Tibet is from April to early November (various routes have their own golden times). The average temperature ranges from 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit and the skies are fairly clear and blue. From April to the beginning of October is the best time for treks and seeing Mount Kailash and Manasoravar Lake.

February and March – The weather is cold, dry and snowy. The Tibetan New year falls in February and it is considered to be a politically sensitive time. So, Tibet Travel Permits are not issued for at least six weeks.

Tibet Travel Permit And Visa

All international travelers who wish to visit Tibet must acquire Tibet Travel Permit issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) in advance to enter Tibet. It has to be produced when you board your flight to Lhasa or the port of entry and the permits are checked on arrival at the Airport in Lhasa.

Kathmandu To Tibet By Air

Kathmandu is another perfect gateway to get into Tibet. There are two daily flights to Lhasa, Tibet independently run by Air China and Sichuan Airlines during the season. They minimize the flight frequency during winter months of January, February, March and December.

One and half hour flight offers spectacular mountain scenery including Mount Everest and also, the impressive landscape of Tibet.

Bardia Jungle Safari Nepal

Come and join in on an incredible visit to the Bardia National Park in Nepal, the largest national park in Nepal. Bardia National Park is home to several endangered species. White Water Rafting in the longest river of Nepal. The Karnali River offers the prospect of fishing for the avid angler. You will have an opportunity to meet indigenous Rana Tharu and Dangora peoples to know more about their culture.  In addition, for the lucky few, you will be able to spot fresh water dolphins and the gharial crocodile as well.

20 photographs from Nepal that will make you want to visit

It takes time! Time to plan your trip and time to get to your destination. Perhaps, if time could be shortened, the numbers of people visiting the Himalayan region would increase. However, time cannot be altered and yes, it is a long way to this magnificent region. So, take your time to plan and then relax as you spend the time getting there. The rewards of this trip will stay with you for a long time to come. If you think Nepal was the dream, these 20 incredible photographs will leave you with a strong wanderlust.


As a man who defines himself in terms of trekking, Jaya Tamang thrives on discovering new and better routes for trekkers. Whether it is a hard or an easy route, makes no difference to him. It primarily has to be new and offer a better view or a different trail for any trekking afficionado.


While most trips begin in Paro, one cannot stay away from visiting Thimphu, the capital city whose rich human heritage dates back hundreds of years and whose landscape is dotted with ornate buildings and monasteries and frescoed temples perched in dramatic locations. Thimphu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan. It is situated in the western central part of Bhutan.


Much of the tourism in Trongsa is focused on history. This is originally the land of origin of the Wangchuk Dynasty. Digging into Bhutan’s history is fascinating, but part of any trip is finding special places to pause and take it all in. Trongsa, situated at an elevation of 2300m/7545ft, gives you that sense of pause, a spot to relax.

Paro Bhutan

It doesn’t take long to understand why Bhutan is considered the last ShangriLa (Heaven on Earth). As your flight lands at Paro, the rich fertile valley quickly makes an impression on you; that it is pure and breathtaking. Between the snowy rich mountainous North and the dramatically scenic forested South, majestic varied beauties and enchantments abound in Bhutan and Paro simply helps us to begin understanding that stark distinct beauty of Bhutan.

6 Bhutan Festival Tours That Will Spiritually Uplift You

From the magnificent Jambay Lhakhang of Bumthang to the Punakha Dzong,  sheltering the world’s most diverse Himalayan ecosystems, to finding an unsullied perspective on the culture of Bhutan, Festival tours are exciting and special.

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