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5 Uncommon Treks in Nepal

Trekkers have long been drawn to Nepal, enticed by the Himalayas. But with a plethora of adventure enthusiasts flocking to Everest and Annapurna more than often, these trails and routes (while magnificent) have become too frequent and familiar. That’s why the country’s uncommon trekking trails are so embraced by a few trekkers as they afford glimpses of landscapes that command serenity and seclusion in the absolute sense. These routes have attracted a new wave of visitors to be freshly charmed and to be enthralled by Nepal’s dramatic mountains, deep forests, and the stunning rivers that remain unexplored. These trails take you to alpine settings at the highest points, and primeval forests and glacial lakes of Nepal’s enchanting rustic regions, the crown jewels of Himalayas’ ultimate serene settings and sun-splashed meadows that have rarely seen any population. From the highest points in the country and the soaring peaks of the Nepal Himalayas, these treks offer a phenomenal range of environments and thrilling adventures; all but accessible only on foot.

5 Books to Read before Traveling to Tibet

No, we aren’t talking about guidebooks! Although we don’t deny the importance of guidebooks in a new place and while traveling for the first time, we also recommend books that have personal experiences in them; those that speak about more than just places and how to get there. We want to recommend books that don’t only contain historical details but those which can say a great deal about both the destination that it describes and the culture in which it is produced, as well as the morals of a society from personal observation. It must be understood that a book must also serve the purpose of aiding tourists during their travel. But we want you to have more than an impersonal, systematic approach to travel that guidebooks can offer. A trip is about creating a travel experience by addressing certain needs, values or underlying dimensions of destinations and also about understanding systems and values, cultures and perspectives. The books we suggest represent the indication of personal travel experience and have been created out of personal observations through travel. These books take you on a journey, within and without, investigating places and people while familiarizing you with identities through cultural resources.

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