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The Everest Base Camp trek is arguably the finest trekking trail in the world and is definitely the most desirable one. Ask any avid trekker for his/her list and Everest Base Camp trek or EBC invariably pops up. But Everest Base Camp trek isn’t a walk in the park. One must first take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.

Namtso Lake: Tibet’s Celestial Waters

Each morning, suspended over Namtso Lake, one can watch the sun and the sky play their wistful early rays upon the sparkly blue waters and transform it into various shades and hues. Within a few moments, the water glows. Bathed in long, lazy beams of the early sun, the shimmering lake reflects back a bright radiance that makes the atmosphere hum with vibrant, animated awakening. Namtso Lake is heavenly, which is also what the name means in the Tibetan language. Among tourists who have long been enamoured by the natural beauty of Tibet, Namtso or Nam-Tso has held sway, beginning with the advent of Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter in 1944. It also has a Mongolian name –Tingrli Nurr, which means “Heavenly Lake”, for it is truly divine and the waxing and waning of the celestial moon makes its waters rise and fall. Namtso is a salt water lake that is situated on the border between Damxung County and Bangoin County in Tibet.

10 Places of Interest in Nepal

The great Indian scriptures mention that the Himalayas is where “Moksha” is attained. Sages and Fakirs have made epic journeys to the Nepal Himalayas in search of God and salvation. We do not know if the Himalayas provided them salvation, but the view of the landscape certainly does, even today. Since the ancient and medieval times, the far-flung wilds of Nepal have beckoned and bewitched travelers from across the globe. From its glacial regions and grasslands to its mystical cities, this region in the Himalayas continues to stun and humble all who visit. A tour of Nepal is recommended in any season as the terrain erupts in different colors, as Himalayan plants unfurl their vibrant petals and Rhododendrons stretch their limbs toward the sun. Trekking in Nepal too, is an otherworldly sensation, where you can experience a magnificent mosaic of landscapes and cultures. It’s no wonder that Nepal is center point for those in pursuit of the ultimate nature experience.

Whether you’re contemplating on a trip, trek or just need a few moments to exhale wistfully, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons to pack your bags for Nepal so that your decision making becomes easy. Nepal tour or trek can be easy and difficult, leisurely and adventurous and can cater to any kind of traveler. Just pack wisely and prepare for anything. A great holiday experience awaits!

5 Books on Bhutan before you Travel

The history and culture of a country, a civilization, and ways of knowing and believing are transmitted to us through stories and information. The idea of preserving stories for perpetuity and posterity is not a new one because those who read before they travel are exposed to a staggering array of information that can help them appreciate the uniqueness of a destination. Other than guidebooks, reading about places and the experiences of a writer, give back information that pull back the curtain of ignorance and make you seem less of an outsider. These books are like guides that prepare you for various aspects of your journey and because of their interesting narrative (they are not always objective), you will also to be able to understand the mystical side of things, rather than just the physical. It lets you in on those normal conversations and personal opinions while giving you information about the land and its people. These books aren’t there to just help you reach from one destination to the other; it is about letting you into people’s lives, so that you can find a connection with them. These books can be an enormous resource for research and travel planning, but they are also fun to read and are enlightening, more than often. They allow readers to reflect, internalize and take ownership of another culture and carry it with them even after the destination is long gone and what remains are only memories.

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