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Into Thin Air - Pathway To Heaven

The Himalayas are regarded as sacred power places on earth. They are revered for their spiritual benefits and this translates, literally, into the “Abode of the gods!” There is a spirituality and wonderment in these peaks that haunts the insignificance of mankind. There is something magical and wonderful about the Himalayas!.

Nepal Luxury Tour

The part within you that longs to travel to the Himalayas, is mesmerized at the sight of nature’s wonders when you travel in luxury without the confines of time and hassle. Nepal is a place that deserves your wonder and can either be challengingly adventurous or a surprising soothing holiday experience. This ultra-luxury tour allows you to have the latter. Not many people who want to have a close look at Everest and a myriad other peaks can trek across the rugged terrain of Nepal, but with a helicopter ride, you can do just that without exhaustion. You can journey from one stunning view point to the next on a helicopter accompanied by an experienced guide who knows the locales and the stories of the mountain people. This also allows you time to visit Pokhara, where you can fly up to the different Base Camps which gives you striking views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges. You then move to Chitwan – a national park that shelters the Royal Bengal Tiger and the One Horned Rhino amidst a crescendo of colors that Nepal’s forests display. Here, immerse yourself in nature with elephant-back riding and canoeing through the jungle waterways and enjoy a meal in the wild and supper by the banks of the gorgeous Rapti River. The last portion of the tour is around Kathmandu- a city emerged from a spiritual and mysterious history, a cultural haven whose artistic heritage has remained unchanged for a millennia.

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