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4 Best Treks in Tibet

Trekking in Tibet is like getting into a land that is not familiar with any other place in the planet. In Tibet’s vast, undisturbed wilderness, as far as you can see, great mountain ranges loom in the distance, their image protruding across the cloudless sky.

Nepal Comes Alive in Spring

Nothing is as beautiful as Spring, when the mountains have lost much their snow-white robes and are showing off their visual delights. The skies are blue, the valleys become a bouquet of smells where rhododendrons and wildflowers bloom. Singing birds are returning from the north and animals are leaving behind their hibernation with newborns in tow. There is an excitement in the air because Spring is approaching the Himalayas.  Spring is an ideal time to visit the Himalayas, from the hectic, oftentimes vibrant cultural ceremonies, to many serene villages tucked away in quieter places, Nepal comes alive in the Spring season offering a variety of activities and sights to delight even the most seasoned traveler.

You will love the Himalayas, find out why.

What’s your fantasy about the Himalayas? Is it to climb towering mountains? Is it to find and enjoy that inner hippy in Kathmandu? Perhaps it would be to hike on centuries old paths, embracing the glorious mountains, or lastly it is finding your inner spiritual self. Maybe, it’s discovering the last frontiers in the Himalayas!

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