Bhutan Overview

Bhutan Overview

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Travel to Bhutan

Bhutan tour is a unique spiritual experience. Traveling in Bhutan is a rare chance not only because the country strictly limits the number of tourists each year, but also because Bhutan tour is about finding the extreme charm that exudes a sense of serenity. Bhutan is not just a place for cultural or festival tours but it is also a great destination for trekking. Trekking or tour of Bhutan is a riveting experience, an insight into culture history and nature together, bounded in harmony. A Bhutan tour comprises of visiting monasteries, temples and religious monuments that are dotted across the landscape bearing witness to the importance of Buddhism, while red robed monks, young and old, are everywhere spreading peace in simplicity. A holiday in Bhutan is about experiencing its rich bio-diversity that makes a tour simple and enjoyable.

Quick Facts

Time Zone:UTC+06:00 | Capital City: Thimphu

Recommended Bhutan Tours and Treks

We’ve assorted out holiday locations and choice of trips to provide you with a few that offer you the best value. We believe in creating holidays that become stories to tell and memories to cherish.


Chomolhari Trek in Bhutan

13 Days from US$ 4280pp*

Trip Code: HDBT0316

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