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What our clients say about us

A great many of the people who travel with us are clients who are returning for our services.  We take great pride in the trips that we create, based on our client’s needs. Expectations should be high when you visit Nepal and the surrounding areas. Himalayan Dreams fulfills the highest demands for a successful and rewarding visit. 

  • Gratien Girod
  • Ottawa, Canada

Himalayan Dreams was exceptional in planning and managing

I have visited Nepal thrice. And I keep going back because it is a magnificent country with even more magnificent people.

I am a constant traveler but it is in Nepal that I find stillness-the one that comes from a sense of belonging. During my trips to Nepal and also to Tibet in 2002, Himalayan Dreams was exceptional in planning and managing it. It was hassle free and gave me a perfect opportunity to learn new things and discover myself during this journey. I thank Himalayan Dreams for their wonderful trip and I hope to be back again….soon!

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