How To Get Into Tibet from United States

How To Get Into Tibet from United States

Tibet is a land of mystical monasteries, soaring mountains, incredible landscapes, high –altitude valleys, serene lakes, spiritually powerful land and its people welcome for all who come to marvel.

If you are planning your trip from any cities within United States, it is an easy task. You can get into Tibet via any mainland Chinese cities such as Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai Guangzhou or take a direct flight from your city to Kathmandu and begin your journey to Tibet. Chengdu’s Shuangliu International Airport is well connected to other Chinese Cities with high volume of daily flights arriving in. It has become most used transit gateway to Tibet. There are no direct long-haul flights to Tibet from America, possibly make a layover in a mainland Chinese Hub. Before heading to Tibet one needs to pick up Tibet Travel Permit from any chosen gateway city.


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