Mardi Himal Trek in Nepal - A Trek Of Discovery

Mardi Himal Trek in Nepal  - A Trek Of Discovery

Sometimes known as Nepal’s most unknown path—reveals a rich picturesque canvas, filled with dazzling panoramas and a multitude of natural wonders. Mardi Himal is not a tall mountain by Himalayan standards.

It stands at 5,588m and is at the southern end of Machapuchhare (Fish Tail Mountain). But while shorter than its neighbours, Mardi Himal Trek offers some of the most astounding views in the Himalayas. From the pastures around Kande, where herders and traders once held sway, to the base camp, the Mardi Himal trek takes us into the heart of the Nepal Himalayas and the grandeur it commands.

Only a few trekkers have taken this trail in the past. This trail was discovered only a few years ago and the winding path that takes you across the rugged landscape of this Midwestern part of Nepal is a rewarding experience. It has quickly gained fame among avid trekkers from around the world. Many trekkers claim that the Mardi Himal Trek has all the ingredients that any trekking trail in Nepal innately offers, but the most important part is that it also offers seclusion and privacy that most treks do not. Since the route has just opened up, it is unlikely that you will find a lot of trekkers during your journey.


This trek can still encapsulate the finest nuances of any classic Annapurna Trek. Because Mardi Himal lies east of the actual Annapurna Base Camp, the trek offers what Annapurna Base Camp generally does but with newness and solitude. However, this is not a long strenuous trek. The entire trip will take about 7-8 days at the most, with leisurely walking for the most part. The trek begins from Pokhara with an initial drive up to Kande and from there a trek of about 6 days will take you to the Mardi Himal Base Camp and back. If you take the route from Pothana, the trek will take 2 days more. Although the route is relatively new, you can still make this a Lodge based trek and it isn’t necessary to bring your camping equipment and crew.

You can enjoy the full exploration of Himalayan countryside, walking past rhododendron forests as you take a less beaten path of grass set against the backdrop of the mountains of Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, Machapuchhre, Ganga Purna, Annapurna I and Mardi Himal. You will first reach the Low Camp (Lower View Point). You keep ascending from the Low Camp until the trail eventually leads you above the tree line and towards the west where there is a clear sight of Annapurna and Hiunchuli. As you keep ascending, you can see rhododendron forests until you reach the High Camp where there is a lodge. About 4 hours of continued walking from this Camp will take you to the Mardi Himal base camp. There is a well laid out path which is mostly used by Yak herders and you might catch a glimpse of grazing Yaks on the pastures.


Mardi Himal trek offers stunning views of mountains like, Dhaulagiri, Hiunchuli, Annapurna I and Machhapuchhre. The Low Camp mentioned above is 3050m and the High Camp is at about 3900m. These points are well suited for the views of the mountains. Even as an independent trekker, Mardi Himal Trek can be done. It does not require long arduous walking and the views are simply amazing. The Mardi Himal Trek is a perfect idea for anyone who seeks a less beaten path. You will certainly admire the silent trails complete with lush forests, villages and valleys, farms and winding, sparkling rivers below and the astounding views of the Annapurna Mountains above.

This is a perfect trekking for high school and college students. Contact Himalayan Dreams today!


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