Neydo Hotel - Monastery Stay

  • Rating: Mountain Lodges/ Tea House
  • Type: Boutique
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    Pharping Nepal

Experience an exceptional opportunity at Neydo Monastery Hotel: Stay within the serene monastery complex. Adjacent, a cozy guest house offers comfortable rooms with en-suite facilities. Tranquility awaits right outside your door.

neydo hotel

Neydo Tashi Choeling Monastery offers a serene escape just a short drive from Kathmandu. Surrounded by scenic beauty, it's a peaceful haven for meditation, Buddhist study, and immersion in monastic life. With its proximity to the Asura Cave, where Guru Rinpoche meditated, the monastery exudes an energy that enhances spiritual practices. Visitors can dine with monks, participate in rituals, and gain unique insights into their way of life.

At Neydo Hotel, a unique opportunity awaits: a "Monastery Stay" within the tranquil confines of the monastic complex. Adjacent to this serene space lies a warmly accommodating guest house, boasting comfortable en-suite rooms just a stone's throw away. Visitors are warmly invited to observe or actively partake in the daily prayers and rituals, providing a chance to fully immerse themselves in the rhythm of monastic life, catering to individual preferences.

Neydo Hotel, Monastery Stay

Neydo Monastery invites visitors to immerse themselves in monastery life, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the living traditions of Kagyu and Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism. To ensure a harmonious stay, the monastery kindly requests all guests to adhere to some simple guidelines. Essentially, treating the space with the same respect as one's own home is encouraged. This includes refraining from loud noise, alcohol consumption, or any inappropriate behavior
neydo hotel- monastery stay


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