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A great many of the people who travel with us are clients who are returning for our services.  We take great pride in the trips that we create, based on our client’s needs. Expectations should be high when you visit Nepal and the surrounding areas. Himalayan Dreams fulfills the highest demands for a successful and rewarding visit. 

  • Brett Matthews
  • Canberra, Australia

Really decent people from Nepal at work

Ever since I met a group of really decent people from Nepal at work, I've always wanted to travel there and experience the country's food, people and culture firsthand. In March this year, I had that chance, and I am really thankful to Sudan and the team at Himalayan Dreams for their support.

I arrived in Kathmandu and spent the afternoon wondering around the city (Thamel, New Road, Durbar Marg and Thundikhel), before heading home to a friend's place for the night. For the rest of the week I experienced Nepal's cultural history, especially the stories of Shiva, Ganesh, Buddha and of Nepal's royal past. At home, I learnt about Nepal's culture up-close and personal. I learnt how to prepare Nepali food and how to dance and sing traditional and newer Nepali songs. Week two was spent in Pokhara, and it was awesome to trek to Annapurna Base Camp and to the World Peace Pagoda up on the mountain behind Fewa Lake. All in all, the trip was amazing, and it has left a lasting impression on me. Many thanks to all that made it happen!

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