Spiritual Waters – Tibet’s Yamdrok Lake

Spiritual Waters – Tibet’s Yamdrok Lake

Tibet is, by worldwide approval, one of the world’s most spiritually appealing places. In this time-wrapped enclave of purity, everything seems pious and spiritual.

But for the Buddhists, nothing holds more appeal than water, evenly balanced, collected, calm and clear, as the lakes engage the spiritual essence of Tibet. It is in Tibet’s lakes like Yamdrok that you can see reflections of philosophies where you float on, gaze upon, and play within the rippling effect of Karma or deeds. Yamdrok Lake is one of the three most holy lakes in Tibet. Beautiful and pure, if you are visiting Tibet, you must find a way to see it for yourself.

Yamdrok means ‘Jade’ in Tibetan. The Lake’s coral color is the source of this name. It has an area of 638 km2 and is one among the three holy lakes in Tibet. Yamdrok Tso (Tso=Lake) is sacred to all Tibetans, whether they follow the Bon faith or Buddhism. Although it is one of the most scenic regions in Tibet, the Yamdrok Tso is also one of the country's four most sacred lakes. It is a manifestation of a natural force, the one that gives power to life as the lake itself is believed to be a source of spiritual powers. Local mythology tells us that Yamdrok was once a Goddess who was transformed into a lake.

Yamdrok Lake - Tibet

Yamdrok Tso is situated at a distance of about 120 km south of Lhasa. The drive leads to a high pass and is located at 4,800 meters above sea level. With beautiful scenery of the Tibetan landscapes with snow capped peaks of NzongKhansa range at a distance. Nomad camps and a few villages hug the rocky lake shores and yak and goats graze the slopes near the lake. A wide variety of birds visit the shores of the lake during the summer. The renowned monastery of Samding is located near the lake. This Monastery is famous because it is the only one which is headed by a female Tulku (head monk). The unique natural scenery of Yamdrok Lake, combining hills, plains, pasture, wild animals and plants, the monastery, snowy mountains, and blue sky, is incredibly attractive.

Tibet is an untamed world of mountains and rivers, of spouting springs, wildflowers, massive lakes, and multicolored plains stretching to the horizon. A trip to Yamdrok consists of a glimpse of all that Tibet offers to a curious eye. A visit to Yamdrok immerses you in the world of Tibet’s extraordinary landscapes, with fantastic options for excursions and walks. Tibet, with high valleys and ancient legends where the rich history of Buddhism carved out a unique culture through religion and philosophy, can be explored only with an open mind. That’s why you need to be more than a traveller. You have to be seeker.


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