Experience Bhutanese living national art of weaving, its style, and techniques. Get to know how local dress and textiles are made by women and men. The knowledge and skills required to create these textiles have been passed down through matriarchal and Buddhist Lama lineages for countless generations. Bhutanese unique designs represent the most intricate patterning of any textile art in the world. Enjoy how Bhutanese textiles serve as a cultural repository which, having developed over the centuries, still plays a critical role in all religious, official and social events. These textiles possess great spiritual significance. Buddhist scholars believe that symbols and design elements found on Bhutanese textiles represent glyphs manifesting ancient wisdom.

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  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Duration 1-7 days
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Activities Cultural Tours
  • Group Size 02
  • Trip Seasons September through mid may
  • Price $500 - $1500

Bathed by the glow of the austere Himalayas, the picturesque Laya Gasa trek offers an excellent trail for exploring Bhutan’s spectacular treasures, particularly the view of Jumolhari, the sacred mountain. A part of Bhutan’s enigmatic cultural heritage and its traditional communities live in the distant regions of Laya and Gasa.  On this particular trip, your exploration of Gasa and Laya reveal rare portions of remote forests and hills as well as the sweeping views of the vast stretch of untouched land where only a handful of nomadic tribes remain today. The trek begins near Paro and it leads you to the views of spectacular panoramas of Jangothang and then wends your way to the charming rural village of Laya, where, weather permitting, you can admire the captivating light radiated by the soaring snow towers of the Bhutan Himalayas.
Taking one of the most intriguing landscapes in Bhutan we walk into Gasa village, where the idea of modern and global, fades, and a stark natural world stares back at you.  We’ve selected the most evocative portions of this region as your journey; from the alluring valley of Paro to the mystical views of Gasa, a hidden corner of Bhutan that comes alive with scenery that discloses Bhutanese natural heritage.

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  • Trip Grade Image g6
  • Trip Grade Strenuous
  • Trip Duration 15-30 days
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Activities Cultural Tours, Trekking & Walking
  • Group Size 02 - 12
  • Trip Seasons April to June/ Mid Sep to Mid Nov.
  • Price $2501 - $5000
  • Max. Altitude 5,005m/16, 420ft. [ Sinche La ]
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Ethereal mist work and whip around the soaring peaks as if they were embracing it, and plunging towards it and then intensifying above, displaying probably the greatest show on earth. Such spectacular scenes can be seen at Labatama at 4,300 meters, the highest point in trek. Dagala Thousand Lakes trek reveals the very best of Bhutan’s unperturbed heavenly regions, where rivers pour down from beyond the hills and snow cliffs soar above at a distance. The trekking trail begins at the village of Gur at 3,290 meters, taking you along farmlands as you climb through hills and forests to make way for extraordinary vistas of Bhutan’s exalted hills and mountains.

The trek takes you into a mysterious, magical realm, adorned by beautiful lakes, endless expanse of greenery and where primitive life of yak herders still reign supreme. The tour begins in Nepal’s exotic capital city of Kathmandu where you can explore glorious palace squares adorned with garish wooden temples gleaming through a rich history. You will get to spend time in Bhutan’s cities of Thimphu and Paro which are superb and incredibly wonderful urban locations where you’ll experience Bhutan’s historical and cultural wonders. With views of mountain peaks like Everest, Kanchenjunga, Chomolhari, Jichu Drake, Masang Gang, Tsenda Gang and Gangchhenta, this trek is about discovering a connection between a glorious hiking realm, Bhutan’s nomadic tribesmen and their relationship with nature and amalgamate them to create one incredible experience.

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  • Trip Grade Image g4
  • Trip Grade Moderately Challenging
  • Trip Duration 8-14 days
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Activities Trekking & Walking
  • Group Size 04 - 16
  • Trip Seasons April to June / September to October
  • Price $500 - $1500
  • Max. Altitude 5,320m / 14, 830 ft
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This is the world that Kevin Grange wrote about in Beneath Blossom Rain: Discovering Bhutan on the toughest trek in the world. His acclaimed book is a reminder that a world exists that reminds us to “Live it all”. The Snowman trek is a reminder of why we seek nature out. This trek is difficult but it’s about losing yourself in the wilderness and finding ultimate bliss as nature draws you in and lets you out each minute. As you cross many high mountain passes, you look out to an entire mountain range that seem scattered, floating above the clouds like islands of snow. When you reach isolated hills, you can see the meadows below in a dreamlike series of flashes as the sun rays play across it.

When you cross Nyile La, the mountain pass of the Gods, you can see everything on earth dwarfed and the mountains standing on your shoulders and the only feeling you can muster up is humility! When you reach Shomuthang, you can see pastures uninhabited, unveiling each beautiful scenery piece by piece, allowing you time to process your overwhelming sensations. When you reach Laya village, you will have seen a world that is only about nature, where no one exists except beauty in its most pristine form. This trek is long and may not be for everyone. But it is a trail that awaits people who search for the elusive world of peace and isolation. For it is a world without ego, where everything else fades, where mirrors do not exist and where you can drown yourself and find resurrection. “Live it all” is what the Snowman Trek is all about. e. At the small Chozo Dzong there are some lay monks.

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  • Trip Grade Image g5
  • Trip Grade Challenging
  • Trip Duration 15-30 days
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Activities Trekking & Walking
  • Group Size 4-16
  • Trip Seasons October & November
  • Price $5000 and above
  • Max. Altitude 5,320/17, 455ft [Rinchen Zoe La]
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There are many spectacular places one can visit around the world. Each place offers a distinct ambiance and degree of surprise, no matter what one has read or seems to know about a particular place.

As you espy the snow capped mountains from your arriving plane, or standing at Lake Fewa in Pokhara where the mountains tower over the scenery like the sets painted for a movie.

Punakha is a literal mosaic of cultural and spiritual traditions that has been extraordinarily influenced by Buddhist principles and unique Bhutanese lifestyle and history.

The fascinating events of Bhutan’s festivals are filled with history, culture and traditions still continued with the same commitment and devotion. Titled “Bhutan’s festival tour”, one must make this journey at least once, to understand Bhutan’s deeply religious roots.

From the magnificent Jambay Lhakhang of Bumthang to the Punakha Dzong,  sheltering the world’s most diverse Himalayan ecosystems, to finding an unsullied perspective on the culture of Bhutan, Festival tours are exciting and special.

‘I asked Siri where the happiest place on earth is and she replied, “Bhutan”’, says Cat Grant to Supergirl in the TV series Supergirl. Scenes like these convey the notion of peace and tranquillity that is associated with Bhutan.

Bumthang is a district in Central Bhutan. It is known for its four major valleys: Chokhor, Tang, Ura and Chhume. As a part of a conventional Bhutan tour, Bumthang is meant to be an enlightening short but insightful odyssey but not much focus is put upon exploring this magnificent place.

The history and culture of a country, a civilization, and ways of knowing and believing are transmitted to us through stories and information. The idea of preserving stories for perpetuity and posterity is not a new one because those who read before they travel are exposed to a staggering array of information that can help them appreciate the uniqueness of a destination. Other than guidebooks, reading about places and the experiences of a writer, give back information that pull back the curtain of ignorance and make you seem less of an outsider. These books are like guides that prepare you for various aspects of your journey and because of their interesting narrative (they are not always objective), you will also to be able to understand the mystical side of things, rather than just the physical. It lets you in on those normal conversations and personal opinions while giving you information about the land and its people. These books aren’t there to just help you reach from one destination to the other; it is about letting you into people’s lives, so that you can find a connection with them. These books can be an enormous resource for research and travel planning, but they are also fun to read and are enlightening, more than often. They allow readers to reflect, internalize and take ownership of another culture and carry it with them even after the destination is long gone and what remains are only memories.

Bhutan Travel is a passage through time that brings together stories of people, ages, and landscapes. It also tells the grand story of one of mankind’s most important relationship with nature. But Bhutan is more than a repository of a reclusive culture. Its spiritual and romantic history has moulded the country into a sprightly mosaic of religion, values and traditions. With Haa and Trashigang as its bookends, Bhutan trek or tour traverses the heart of this beautiful Himalayan country that not only feels like passing through regions but it also feels like moving through time.  Skirting forests, ascending mountains, and crossing rare trails, Bhutan tour is an experience of fantastic sites where you see a land shaped by warriors, pilgrims, architects and monks. Bhutan tour is about having interactions with people who bring this fabled region to life. Holiday in Bhutan consists of a vast amount of conventional travel experience within a short span of time. From Paro to Thimphu, places that every admirer of entrancing Bhutanese architecture and history must eventually visit, to fabled places like Bumthang and Phojikha where nature’s supreme design shines in full glory, Bhutan tour is a captivating experience. You must also explore Trongsa's ancient character and walk the narrow streets of Punakha town. This is a list of places ideal for a Bhutan tour where we have picked places from the north to the south, meandering through glorious monasteries, opulent palaces that date back to mystics and lamas while exploring traditional culture and mountainous pathways.

A dormant part of you awakens when you are in Bhutan. This is what travelers often claim to be an epiphany. A stream of consciousness that tells you that this is where you have always wanted to be. There is a need to explore more, sometimes it may be culture, history, sights and sounds but we are often in search of a spiritual experience too.

It doesn’t take long to understand why Bhutan is considered the last ShangriLa (Heaven on Earth). As your flight lands at Paro, the rich fertile valley quickly makes an impression on you; that it is pure and breathtaking. Between the snowy rich mountainous North and the dramatically scenic forested South, majestic varied beauties and enchantments abound in Bhutan and Paro simply helps us to begin understanding that stark distinct beauty of Bhutan.

While most trips begin in Paro, one cannot stay away from visiting Thimphu, the capital city whose rich human heritage dates back hundreds of years and whose landscape is dotted with ornate buildings and monasteries and frescoed temples perched in dramatic locations. Thimphu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan. It is situated in the western central part of Bhutan.

Among the tourists, this place is particularly important because of the 108 Druk Wangyal Khang Zhang Chortens and the clear views of mountains such as Mt. Gangkar Puensum (7,158 metres).

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