Magical Bhutan Through The Lens

Bhutan is perhaps one of the most photogenic places in the world. The landscape, nature, culture, architecture and the people make it a photographer’s paradise. The variety of images that are available almost make one believe that this small, kingdom was designed as a training ground for photographers. In addition, the consistency of Bhutanese architecture and design, varied only by the imagination of the designers, will keep all avid photographers clutching their cameras in anticipation of that one memorable shot. Explore how their life flourished over centuries and how their heritage has remained deeply rooted even after the waves of technological development and globalization have swept over.

Hidden Kingdom of Bhutan
From the breathtaking views of Mt. Everest as you fly to Bhutan, to the stunning sights of the Dochula Pass, experience the serenity of Buddhist monasteries and the spectacular scenery of this mountain kingdom. Be touched by the warmth of its people and wonder at the unique character and abilities of the architecture and the desire to create a serene and magical kingdom. From the forested mountains of Bhutan.
The Taksang Monastery
There are many spectacular places one can visit around the world. Each place offers a distinct ambiance and degree of surprise, no matter what one has read or seems to know about a particular place.
The Spiritual Aura of Punakha

Punakha is a literal mosaic of cultural and spiritual traditions that has been extraordinarily influenced by Buddhist principles and unique Bhutanese lifestyle and history.

6 Bhutan Festival Tours That Will Spiritually Uplift You

From the magnificent Jambay Lhakhang of Bumthang to the Punakha Dzong,  sheltering the world’s most diverse Himalayan ecosystems, to finding an unsullied perspective on the culture of Bhutan, Festival tours are exciting and special.

Paro Bhutan
It doesn’t take long to understand why Bhutan is considered the last ShangriLa (Heaven on Earth). As your flight lands at Paro, the rich fertile valley quickly makes an impression on you; that it is pure and breathtaking. Between the snowy rich mountainous North and the dramatically scenic forested South, majestic varied beauties and enchantments abound in Bhutan and Paro simply helps us to begin understanding that stark distinct beauty of Bhutan.

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