The lakes of Nepal are like pearls set between the mountains, as enchanted villages are spread across, overlooking turquoise waters. These are examples of uncontaminated nature in are in the most romantic of locations. The lakes of Nepal are like pearls set between the mountains, as enchanted villages are spread across, overlooking turquoise waters. 
Trekkers have long been drawn to Nepal, enticed by the Himalayas. But with a plethora of adventure enthusiasts flocking to Everest and Annapurna more than often, these trails and routes (while magnificent) have become too frequent and familiar. That’s why the country’s uncommon trekking trails are so embraced by a few trekkers as they afford glimpses of landscapes that command serenity and seclusion in the absolute sense. These routes have attracted a new wave of visitors to be freshly charmed and to be enthralled by Nepal’s dramatic mountains, deep forests, and the stunning rivers that remain unexplored. These trails take you to alpine settings at the highest points, and primeval forests and glacial lakes of Nepal’s enchanting rustic regions, the crown jewels of Himalayas’ ultimate serene settings and sun-splashed meadows that have rarely seen any population. From the highest points in the country and the soaring peaks of the Nepal Himalayas, these treks offer a phenomenal range of environments and thrilling adventures; all but accessible only on foot.

What’s your fantasy about the Himalayas? Is it to climb towering mountains? Is it to find and enjoy that inner hippy in Kathmandu? Perhaps it would be to hike on centuries old paths, embracing the glorious mountains, or lastly it is finding your inner spiritual self. Maybe, it’s discovering the last frontiers in the Himalayas!

Nothing is as beautiful as Spring, when the mountains have lost much their snow-white robes and are showing off their visual delights. The skies are blue, the valleys become a bouquet of smells where rhododendrons and wildflowers bloom. Singing birds are returning from the north and animals are leaving behind their hibernation with newborns in tow. There is an excitement in the air because Spring is approaching the Himalayas.  Spring is an ideal time to visit the Himalayas, from the hectic, oftentimes vibrant cultural ceremonies, to many serene villages tucked away in quieter places, Nepal comes alive in the Spring season offering a variety of activities and sights to delight even the most seasoned traveler.

The Everest Three Passes Trekking is an epic, exhilarating and ultimate trekking experience. This trekking journey offers an experience of high passes & alpine pastures.  Our carefully planned trek takes you to the centre of the towering Himalayas and an outstanding hike to Gokyo Ri and your next amazing hike to Kala Pathar, for a breathtaking view of Mt. Everest.
Once you reach Kala Pattar, you will most likely experience the sense of nirvana that comes with the achievement of this spectacular and epic journey.
We have carefully crafted this itinerary to allow you ample time for acclimatization and enjoying the beautiful multi-hued prayer flags, prayer wheels and intricately carved Mani stones lining every hilltop, rock wall and trailside.
It is almost singing prayers to the gods with every breeze and every passing traveler.
Experience the awe-inspiring sight of the towering Himalayas that catch the last rays of the sun, before darkness settles.

Additional Info

  • Trip Grade Image g6
  • Trip Grade Strenuous
  • Trip Duration 15-30 days
  • Destination Nepal
  • Activities Trekking & Walking
  • Group Size 2
  • Trip Seasons March-June/Sep-Nov
  • Price $1501 - $2500
  • Max. Altitude 5545m /18192 ft [ Kalapathar ]
  • TripBanner TripBanner

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