The sheltering canopy of Buddhism in Nepal becomes apparent with a few visits to monasteries scattered across the Kathmandu valley; indeed, you can immerse yourself in local handicraft stores selling Buddhist artifacts too. But a mon......

Temples, monasteries, power cuts, living goddesses, millennia old durbar squares, surprisingly cheap tequila, hippies, antique shops, lady boys, dance bars, old by-lanes, buffalo meat, revolutionaries, poets and pretty women – Kathmandu! Or KTM – is an exuberant city, surrounded by mountains and dusted with smog.

The trip to Nepal always fascinated me, I am really into culture and Hinduism and to see Himalayas up close, Trekking into the Himalayas seemed daunting for I am a girl travelling alone. All my doubts were cleared as the trip progressed fro......

It is time now to search out to new and exciting venues. If you decide on a trek or just a cultural visit, you can prepare yourself for the adventure and experience of a life time.

As you espy the snow capped mountains from your arriving plane, or standing at Lake Fewa in Pokhara where the mountains tower over the scenery like the sets painted for a movie.

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man……true indeed, for only a child is closest to God. The Kumari or Kumari Devi is the tradition of worshipping young pre-pubescent girls as manifestations of the divine female energy or Devi in Nepal.

Sometimes travelling is more than just destinations, sights and experiences. Travel serves the better purpose of familiarizing one with local customs and cultures.

Sometimes known as Nepal’s most unknown path—reveals a rich picturesque canvas, filled with dazzling panoramas and a multitude of natural wonders. Mardi Himal is not a tall mountain by Himalayan standards.

Anyone who’s spent some time up in the mountains has imagined climbing it. After you ascend from the base camp, there are panoramas of extensive valleys from ridges.

In March this year, the plan for a perfect adventure was a full speed. We’d been working on a list of the ideal adventure activities in Nepal. In 2014 when the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had made a visit to Nepal, he had unequivocally mentioned the high tourism potential of Nepal.

Kathmandu Valley, a city seated in the laps of the Great Himalayas, is considered the abode of the Gods. Doused in stories of divinity and godly power, the valley maintains its spiritual status with the hundreds of thousands of temples it houses. Often called the playground of the gods, the valley’s mystical element was even featured in Marvel’s Dr. Strange.

As a man who defines himself in terms of trekking, Jaya Tamang thrives on discovering new and better routes for trekkers. Whether it is a hard or an easy route, makes no difference to him. It primarily has to be new and offer a better view or a different trail for any trekking afficionado.

It takes time! Time to plan your trip and time to get to your destination. Perhaps, if time could be shortened, the numbers of people visiting the Himalayan region would increase. However, time cannot be altered and yes, it is a long way to this magnificent region. So, take your time to plan and then relax as you spend the time getting there. The rewards of this trip will stay with you for a long time to come. If you think Nepal was the dream, these 20 incredible photographs will leave you with a strong wanderlust.

There is much to see and do in the Kathmandu Valley! Explore the almost iconic Stupa, the Boudanath Stupa, with its wonderful eyes that seem to look out over the entire valley. Walk around the domed-shaped stupa and twirl the many bells encircling the walk. Marvel at the intricate designs and splendid artwork that enhances all of the valley’s temples. Move on to Bhaktapur where the magic of temples like the Changunarayan temple, will delight photographers and casual tourists alike. As pictures go there is nothing as delightful as the Monkey Temple. Sitting high on a hill top the temple seems to be guarded by a vast number of monkeys. Closer observation will delight young and old alike as the monkeys perch on walls and almost seem to pose for pictures.

It’s hardly an unusual remark to say that spirituality beckons a traveller, but it’s no less valid for the repetition. Tengboche monastery, gathered in the shadow of Mt. Everest and Mt. Ama Dablam, among the highest mountains in the world, thrives in a tough environment and exudes spiritual fervour. It’s no wonder that, more than six decades ago, it inspired Tenzin and Hillary on their first ascent. And it’s still inspiring us today. After a riveting landing at the famed Lukla airstrip, a shaky beginning of a marvellous Everest trek, amidst roaring applause from relieved passengers, you come across the most breathtaking sun glistened view in all of the Nepal Himalayas - the Khumbu region. Tengboche can be reached via Namche Bazaar, a quaint town that mostly shelters mountain climbers, trekkers and people of the Sherpa community. From the airstrip at Lukla, it takes about three days of uphill trek. Tengboche lies on a ridge at an altitude of 3,870 meters.

Trekkers have long been drawn to Nepal, enticed by the Himalayas. But with a plethora of adventure enthusiasts flocking to Everest and Annapurna more than often, these trails and routes (while magnificent) have become too frequent and familiar. That’s why the country’s uncommon trekking trails are so embraced by a few trekkers as they afford glimpses of landscapes that command serenity and seclusion in the absolute sense. These routes have attracted a new wave of visitors to be freshly charmed and to be enthralled by Nepal’s dramatic mountains, deep forests, and the stunning rivers that remain unexplored. These trails take you to alpine settings at the highest points, and primeval forests and glacial lakes of Nepal’s enchanting rustic regions, the crown jewels of Himalayas’ ultimate serene settings and sun-splashed meadows that have rarely seen any population. From the highest points in the country and the soaring peaks of the Nepal Himalayas, these treks offer a phenomenal range of environments and thrilling adventures; all but accessible only on foot.

The great Indian scriptures mention that the Himalayas is where “Moksha” is attained. Sages and Fakirs have made epic journeys to the Nepal Himalayas in search of God and salvation. We do not know if the Himalayas provided them salvation, but the view of the landscape certainly does, even today. Since the ancient and medieval times, the far-flung wilds of Nepal have beckoned and bewitched travelers from across the globe. From its glacial regions and grasslands to its mystical cities, this region in the Himalayas continues to stun and humble all who visit. A tour of Nepal is recommended in any season as the terrain erupts in different colors, as Himalayan plants unfurl their vibrant petals and Rhododendrons stretch their limbs toward the sun. Trekking in Nepal too, is an otherworldly sensation, where you can experience a magnificent mosaic of landscapes and cultures. It’s no wonder that Nepal is center point for those in pursuit of the ultimate nature experience.

Whether you’re contemplating on a trip, trek or just need a few moments to exhale wistfully, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons to pack your bags for Nepal so that your decision making becomes easy. Nepal tour or trek can be easy and difficult, leisurely and adventurous and can cater to any kind of traveler. Just pack wisely and prepare for anything. A great holiday experience awaits!

The Everest Base Camp trek is arguably the finest trekking trail in the world and is definitely the most desirable one. Ask any avid trekker for his/her list and Everest Base Camp trek or EBC invariably pops up. But Everest Base Camp trek isn’t a walk in the park. One must first take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.

We’ve created a spectacular trek that immerses you in the full wonder of Dolpo’s extraordinary landscapes, with a mix of fantastic cultural encounters all along the way.

Upper Dolpo is remote region of Western Nepal known for the Shey Phoksundo National Park and the last remaining Tibetan culture, remnants of a place immortalized by Peter Matthiessen in his book, The Snow Leopard. He writes “the Land of Dolpo, all but unknown to Westerners even today, was said to be the last enclave of pure Tibetan culture left on earth…. which has its roots not only in a historical or cultural past, but within the innermost being of man”. Upper Dolpo trek is an entry into a fabled land, a unique tapestry of colorful Buddhist motifs, views of soaring peaks, ancient and tranquil villages, rare wildlife like the Blue Sheep, Langurs among others.

Upper Dolpo Trek begins at Juphal following the trail to Dunai and the eye-snapping Phoksundo Lake to reach the Kang la Camp, leading to Shey Gompa monastery and the famed Crystal Mountain. In this incredibly photogenic region, you can meet the people of Upper Dolpo who are traditional nomads living in the shadow of their Karma, guided by nature and their surroundings. With a rich history that begins with the advent of the great Guru Rimpoche, Dolpo’s landscapes and its innate serenity are infectious, and they permeate through our entire trek. The grand moment of your adventure is the trek across the stunning Jungben La mountain pass located at 5550m/18,210 ft, where you can see the distant mountain ranges, endless specks of clouds, and experience a wondrous Himalayan silence. Upper Dolpo Trek is an extreme one of twenty days where we take the path that Peter Matthiessen once took. A path that takes us into the otherworldly land of mountaintops wreathed in clouds, plunging valleys, remote villages ringed with snow and sand- a land as mysterious as Peter Matthiessen’s Snow Leopard.

Additional Info

  • Trip Grade Image g6
  • Trip Grade Strenuous
  • Trip Duration 15-30 days
  • Destination Nepal
  • Activities Trekking & Walking
  • Group Size 04 - 12
  • Trip Seasons April – June /September/October
  • Price $2501 - $5000
  • Max. Altitude 5550m/18,210ft - Jungben La
  • Trip Highlights
    • Visit ancient palaces, temples and spiritual places in Kathmandu.
    • Explore Pine forests and the aquamarine hued Phoksundo Lake.
    • Encounter wildlife such as blue sheep, marmots, eagles, lammergeyer, Langur monkeys and large variety of birds and elusive snow leopard.
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The Everest Three Passes Trekking is an epic, exhilarating and ultimate trekking experience. This trekking journey offers an experience of high passes & alpine pastures.  Our carefully planned trek takes you to the centre of the towering Himalayas and an outstanding hike to Gokyo Ri and your next amazing hike to Kala Pathar, for a breathtaking view of Mt. Everest.
Once you reach Kala Pattar, you will most likely experience the sense of nirvana that comes with the achievement of this spectacular and epic journey.
We have carefully crafted this itinerary to allow you ample time for acclimatization and enjoying the beautiful multi-hued prayer flags, prayer wheels and intricately carved Mani stones lining every hilltop, rock wall and trailside.
It is almost singing prayers to the gods with every breeze and every passing traveler.
Experience the awe-inspiring sight of the towering Himalayas that catch the last rays of the sun, before darkness settles.

Additional Info

  • Trip Grade Image g6
  • Trip Grade Strenuous
  • Trip Duration 15-30 days
  • Destination Nepal
  • Activities Trekking & Walking
  • Group Size 2
  • Trip Seasons March-June/Sep-Nov
  • Price $1501 - $2500
  • Max. Altitude 5545m /18192 ft [ Kalapathar ]
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