• Guge Kingdom in Tibet

    Tibet casts an instant spell. Within its fragrant plains and arid hills, it hides tales of deities and demons who engaged in epic battles; it hides stories of legendary kings and their deeds. In the stunning beauty of its serene landscape, its spiritual centres, a tranquil realm shrouded in mystical…
  • Tsechus-Grand Festivals Of Bhutan

    The fascinating events of Bhutan’s festivals are filled with history, culture and traditions still continued with the same commitment and devotion. Titled “Bhutan’s festival tour”, one must make this journey at least once, to understand Bhutan’s deeply religious roots.
  • Free Wi-Fi Passwords From Airports Around The world

    Some airports may charge a hefty amount for WiFi, especially when you are traveling and you need to connect with your family, work, or to send quick notes to your clients.
  • Spiritual Waters – Tibet’s Yamdrok Lake

    Tibet is, by worldwide approval, one of the world’s most spiritually appealing places. In this time-wrapped enclave of purity, everything seems pious and spiritual.
  • Life of a Travel Agent - The Challenges and Privileges

    The life of a travel agent is built on a set of ideas. Selling tours is just a small part. Countless hours are spent of strategizing, building and promoting a trip. And although the rewards are less, each effort is motivated by passion.
  • The Spiritual Aura of Punakha

    Punakha is a literal mosaic of cultural and spiritual traditions that has been extraordinarily influenced by Buddhist principles and unique Bhutanese lifestyle and history.
  • 5 Books About Nepal That You Must Read

    Sometimes travelling is more than just destinations, sights and experiences. Travel serves the better purpose of familiarizing one with local customs and cultures.
  • The Living Goddess of Nepal - Kumari

    Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man……true indeed, for only a child is closest to God. The Kumari or Kumari Devi is the tradition of worshipping young pre-pubescent girls as manifestations of the divine female energy or Devi in Nepal.
  • 5 Places in Kathmandu Overlooked by Tourists

    For thousands of years, the valley of Kathmandu has been home to ancient mountain tribes, an extraordinary mosaic of cultures steeped in tradition and unique culture.
  • Indreshwar Temple At Panauti

    Nepal’s religious centres are mesmerizingly beautiful, most of them with their towering red-brick walls and pinnacles, like mountains sheering from the oceans, and stunning pageant of motifs dedicated to the Gods.

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