• There is something intrinsically special about the Himalayan region

    As you espy the snow capped mountains from your arriving plane, or standing at Lake Fewa in Pokhara where the mountains tower over the scenery like the sets painted for a movie.
  • Five Treasures of the Snow - Kanchenjunga

    The beauty and majesty of Kanchenjunga is a trekker’s dream, with colossal snow peaks soaring towards the sky above and rolling green hills spreading as far as the eyes can see and gleaming conglomeration of trees set at alpine locations. Originally pronounced ‘Kang-chen-dzonga’, means the “five treasures of snow” and…
  • The Lakes of Ladakh

    An unending stretch of barren land wrapped occasionally in snow, Ladakh is like a tale, waiting for us to find the meanings behind it as it stands as one of the highest regions on the planet. Over the years, travellers have been drawn to its vast surreal beauty—first through its…
  • The Taksang Monastery

    There are many spectacular places one can visit around the world. Each place offers a distinct ambiance and degree of surprise, no matter what one has read or seems to know about a particular place.
  • Five wonderful places in Tibet, travelers dream to visit

    The myths and the history associated with the legendary Gurus of Tibetan Buddhism who traveled all across Tibet are interesting aspects to enjoy while on tour in Tibet. The landscapes that meet your eyes include the tranquil lake encircled by widespread high altitude deserts and with the backdrops of fascinating…
  • Nepal: Ready Again To Greet The World Of Travelers !

    It is time now to search out to new and exciting venues. If you decide on a trek or just a cultural visit, you can prepare yourself for the adventure and experience of a life time.
  • Do You Want A Planned Trip?

    When we started , we understood that the backbone of any travel company is expertise and experience. Having understood that ideology we strived forward to gain all that.
  • Fascinating Nepal

    The trip to Nepal always fascinated me, I am really into culture and Hinduism and to see Himalayas up close, Trekking into the Himalayas seemed daunting for I am a girl travelling alone. All my doubts were cleared as the trip progressed fro......
  • Magical South India Tour !

    Out and about again! This time to South India for a very quick taste of all there is to see and do there. My first trip to India and even after several days back the sight, the sounds, the magic that is South India still remains. We were tr......
  • Riders on the Storm

    For any new comer, Kathmandu's vast streets are a maze of the new and old alleyways with multitudes of astonishingly vibrant populace, where in the evening you can easily find your

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