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The Spiny Babbler-Wings of Nature

Nepal presents a balanced prospect of cultural and adventure tours, a rare occasion to witness nature’s incredulities all mingled with smart, warm hospitality, probably inspired by the country’s alluring mystifying presence as a tourism......

Little Miracles of Travel

When one travels, and I do, sometimes something will occur that makes you gasp, or makes you laugh, or makes you glad you live where you do. Then there is one thing that grabs you emotionally with amazement and joy…

Rollicking Kathmandu

Temples, monasteries, power cuts, living goddesses, millennia old durbar squares, surprisingly cheap tequila, hippies, antique shops, lady boys, dance bars, old by-lanes, buffalo meat, revolutionaries, poets and pretty women – Kathmandu! Or KTM – is an exuberant city, surrounded by…

Riders on the Storm

For any new comer, Kathmandu's vast streets are a maze of the new and old alleyways with multitudes of astonishingly vibrant populace, where in the evening you can easily find your

Mani Rimdu Festival

Sherpas belong to the Nying-Mapa sect of Tibetan Buddhist which is self an outgrowth of the Manayana tradition Guru Rimpoche (Padma-Sambhawa an Indian yogi) is regarded as the founder of this old sect and spirtual leader. 

Magical South India Tour !

Out and about again! This time to South India for a very quick taste of all there is to see and do there. My first trip to India and even after several days back the sight, the sounds, the magic…

Fascinating Nepal

The trip to Nepal always fascinated me, I am really into culture and Hinduism and to see Himalayas up close, Trekking into the Himalayas seemed daunting for I am a girl travelling alone. All my doubts were cleared as the…

Learning Adventure

Immerse yourself in the jungle world of Chitwan where magnificent tigers, one horned rhinos and elephants capture your imagination. Be part of a typical Nepali meal, served by waiters in native dress. Explore the magical world of group dynamics, communication…

10 Days

Ama Dablam Expedition

Mount Ama Dablam, arguably the most beautiful mountain in the Khumbu Region (south of Mt. Everest) stands at a staggering 6,856 m.  It dominates the skyline with its colossal body covered with fleece white snow and looks unforgiving because of…

30 Days from US$ 7890pp*

Trip Code: HDEX01

Chomolhari Trek in Bhutan

Imagine a spectacular and memorable trek into one of the world’s most remote kingdoms. Most of the treks pull your senses away from the modern world. Walking through the distant villages, deep forests with their scattering of tiny settlements, the…

13 Days from US$ 4280pp*

Trip Code: HDBT0316

Rara Lake Trekking

Explore the most beautiful Rara Lake, snow capped stunning Himalayan panorama, typical traditional village and people with their way of life, trans-himalayan valley with high ridges covered with forest and alpine pastures. Rara Lake lie on the remote Karnali zone…

16 Days

Langtang Valley Treks

Set in the western Himalayas of Nepal, the landscapes of Langtang are unsheltered, remote, and absolutely breathtaking. This otherworldly landscape has mountaintops wreathed in clouds, plunging valleys, dusky villages ringed with farmlands and emerald meadows closing in on the distant…

10 Days from US$ 1190pp*

Trip Code: HDL103

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