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Tibet Overview

Tibet The roof of the world The Land of Ancient Buddhist culture, artistic monasteries, exotic cities, centuries-old caravan trails. Join us in our pilgrimage to Tibet on the ancient caravan route between Kathmandu and Lhasa through hidden valleys, ancient villages…

Exquisite Nepal Tour

You can carefully observe how beautifully the Hindu temples and shrines are sculptured and carved in the Kathmandu Valley, its colorful bazaars and the eclectic atmosphere that covers it. The exquisite calligraphy and carvings on amazing works of art, skill…

13 Days from US$ 2060pp*

Trip Code: HDEN01

Unforgettable Memories

It is simply an enchanting experience! Just writing about it makes me anxious to return! Our trip was arranged by the very competent staff at Himalayan Dreams and went smoothly throughout the two week stay.

Valuable memories with us from this Himalayan region

Your continuous attention and assistance truly made our trip memorable. We will take many valuable memories with us from this Himalayan region. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


The nepali staff were very helpful throughout, specially mention to RAJ KUMAR whose hard work, knowledge and kindness made for a smooth and easy experience in a country(Tibet+China) that can often be anything but RAM CHHETRI, also made the planning…

I never would have come to Nepal with HIMALAYAN DREAMS

Wonderfully knowledgeable + kind. He would find the answers to all my questions and HIRA provided safe driving + politeness

You planned an amazing trip for us

You planned an amazing trip for us! We loved the colors of Nepal, the history of Tibet, and the beauty of Bhutan, to say the least. Also, thank you for planning our last minute trip to Lumbini

Agence Himalayan Dreams très professionnelle.

Himalayan Dreams Agence très professionnelle. Guide à la hauteur parlant très bien le français et très réactif if imprévu: (une visite de qui n'a pu monastère prévue se faire à cause d'un refus du gardien catégorique aussitôt remplacée été à…

Ancient Tibetan Trail

Isolated but serene, natural and unforced, the Namtso Lake in Tibet is a revelation. The bewildering and un-navigable waters (due to religious reasons) of the Lakes in Tibet have allowed this region to keep its spiritual heritage largely intact. Being…

05 Days

Garden of Dreams

It is an old four-storied of bygone era, painstakingly restored and converted into one of the finest and the largest Nepali Restaurant within heart of Kathmandu City - Dillibazar. The exceptional cuisine, which is served in informal relaxed setting, is…

Magical Bhutan Through The Lens

Bhutan is perhaps one of the most photogenic places in the world. The landscape, nature, culture, architecture and the people make it a photographer’s paradise. The variety of images that are available almost make one believe that this small, kingdom…

13 Days from US$ US $ 3960pp*

Trip Code: HDB01

Bhutan Textile Tour

Experience Bhutanese living national art of weaving, its style, and techniques. Get to know how local dress and textiles are made by women and men. The knowledge and skills required to create these textiles have been passed down through matriarchal…

16 Days from US$ 3750pp*

Trip Code: HDB02

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